Choosing a pram

I can guarantee you that the amount of advice you get when choosing a pram is overwhelming. And when you start looking online, it all gets even more complicated. So, where to start? Well, at the beginning. Literally. Start orientating early rather than later. A pram has a delivery time like you wouldn’t know. I planned a pram-shopping day together with my husband, mother and grandmother not long after I had the 20 week scan and found out everything was ok.

Testing the prams out at Babypark

Before going to Babypark (you’ll find everything you need here!) my husband and I were both leaning toward the Joolz Day. Easy in use, popular and it looks nice too. That was basically all I based my decision on. Well, be prepared to throw everything overboard and start with a fresh look into the lovely world of prams!

The sales lady, who was very helpful, started out with four different brands. These brands were selected on their ‘all terrain skills’ cause we are planning on taking BC from the beach to the bush and from Amsterdam to Johannesburg.

0. Don’t compare prices. Yet. 

1. Walking
She put some weight in there (your baby is not gonna be weightless so you might as well simulate everything) and let us walk with all the prams over the different surfaces. Not kidding, there is a test-path.

The Bugaboo and the Joolz were both quite heavy when pushing it, and with the Joolz I found that the carrycot was bouncing a little too much. So after walking the pram, making loops and curves we decided that the Joolz was ‘our’ pram.

2. Folding
Next test was the folding of the pram. I am not a technical wonder, so for me it had to be easy. My husband was looking at the space the pram will take once it’s completely folded – so that we still have a bit more space in the car left. The Bugaboo was a bit technical to fold, and although you can put the folded pram on it’s wheels (easy when folding it in the hallway) we decided that the next pram to be eliminated was going to be the Bugaboo. Too many rules to be able to fold it.

3. Traveling
So with two prams left, (Dubatti and Cybex) it was time to look at the next phase; the carrycot will only be on the pram for 6 months and after that you change to a different layout for your pram. We are planning on traveling a lot to South Africa those first two years (travel for free up to 2 years – better make the most of it) and the Cybex offers a ‘Deluxe Seat’ that can flatten completely. So even if you don’t have the carrycot anymore, your baby can still sleep nicely in this new seat. Another big big big advantage is that you do not have to take this seat off when collapsing the pram.

Needless to say, we chose the Cybex. Happy mum to be (me) cause it was definitely the most stylish looking pram of the lot.

The Cybex Priam with seat

Why the Cybex Priam??

♥ Did you know that the Cybex Priam is a homage to the American designers Ray & Charles Eames? For all stylish mommies out there!
♥ Collapsable using just one hand.
♥ To take the carrycot off, you don’t have to click the two sides at the same time (which makes it very difficult and heavy to take the cot off). You can click one side first – it remembers – click the other side and use both your hands to lift the cot off the pram.
♥ For restaurant lovers: the seat of the Cybex Priam is adjusted to the hight of most tables. It’s very easy to slide the pram partly under the table so you don’t block all your neighbours space and can go out for dinner. With baby. Shamelessly.
♥ The Deluxe Seat can go completely flat (think flat bed in business-class) and does not have to be taken off when collapsing. Easy!
♥ Did I already mention the look? Definitely one of the most fashionable (and different!) ones out there. Stand out from the crowd!

Receiving our Cybex Priam! In stylish black, ready for BC to meet the world now.

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