The beginning…

Traveling, always and everywhere, is my passion. I met my soulmate on the other side of the world, when traveling for work. I happen to be in travel (surprise!) and my then husband-to-be was selling me safari’s. Instead of buying a safari, I bought him. Have never been more chuffed about a ‘buy’ since!


Living on other sides of the world while getting to know each other means a long distance relationship. Luckily we only had to do this for a year, when my love moved to Amsterdam to be with me on a more permanent basis. In December 2014 we got engaged and in February 2016 we got married in South-Africa. And luck had it that in May 2017 we are expecting our first baby! Boy or Girl;.. we don’t know yet.

Of course we will keep you posted on our travels. So far, this mini has traveled a lot already. From Brugge and Honfleur to South-Africa and Bali….


We love to share our stories with you, about this mini traveling. About traveling during pregnancy, the best buys, where to go and when… and all other exciting stuff happening now and in the future.

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