The first 12 weeks…

My husband, my mother and myself traveled to Brugge in Belgium for some culture and history, before my husband and me continued our journey to France. Before embarking on another legendary birthday weekend to France, I decided to take a pregnancy test (seemed smart to do so). The test came back negative and off we went. A great few days in France, eating and drinking our way through Normandy! And upon my return, I celebrated my birthday with friends and family and took all the rollercoasters in a Dutch theme park (Efteling) only to find out a day later that I was actually pregnant! At that moment, you have so many thoughts racing through your head. ‘Did I damage the baby’ and ‘Is it still there?’

We were enjoying a drinking and eating holiday in France, oblivious to the little Baby Collier in my belly!

Doing the maths I was about 5 weeks pregnant when we found out about this Baby Collier inside of me. And in The Netherlands it’s common to only see the doctor (midwife) around 8 – 12 weeks and have your first scan. We decided to tell my mother and my husband’s parents and ask for an early scan so we would at least know that all was ok.

An early scan like this is not insured, but it gave us both a lot of peace of mind and the confidence and joy to also share it with my brothers, my husband’s sister and my best friend.

Because we had a trip to South Africa coming up around me being 10 weeks pregnant, the ‘Echo Centrum’ made an appointment with me just before leaving on the 11 hour flight to make sure all was ok. And another scan upon return to see if this little one was still happily floating inside of me.  On our South African holiday made the decision to skip the ‘combination test’ and go for the Non-Invasive-Prenatal-Testing so we would have almost 100% confirmation that this little Baby Collier was healthy. This NIPT test can be executed around 12 weeks, and only consists of giving a bit of blood.

Those first 12 weeks….

♥ Don’t get overwhelmed by all the information. You still have a lot of time to catch up.
♥ Do what feels good for you. If you want to have an extra scan (and willing to pay for it) do it. To have that peace of mind in a rather emotional period is very comforting.
♠ Get a book (or maybe you’ll get one as a present) in where you can keep track of what is happening every week. It comes in handy when you have to look up things, but is also a great journal and place to keep your scans.
♥ Tell the people you want to tell. Even though it’s early. It’s great to have some support should things go pear shaped and great to have people cheering with you when results are good!
♥ If you feel a bit bloated already; there is nothing wrong with getting one or two maternity pants. If they give your tummy more comfort and space, it’s only a good thing!

Things to arrange in those first 12 weeks

  • Start thinking about possible tests you want to do to see if your baby is happy and healthy.
  • Check your insurance, that can never be done too early.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor or (in the Netherlands) select a midwife-practise where you go to for your check-ups.
  • Living in a busy city? And want to have a few days/week of daycare? Start getting information about the possibilities and sign up! In Amsterdam there are huge waiting lists so one can never be too early.

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