To South Africa with the baby bump!

I had to travel to South Africa for work in January and must admit; I was a little anxious! Not only did I have to guide a small group to test out a new incentive itinerary for Talisman, I was also already 24 weeks pregnant!

It only seemed smart to have a check up with the midwife before traveling, and to get a ‘pregnancy fit to fly declaration’ just in case. Knowing that Baby Collier was still happily growing and armed with the paperwork I embarked my flight to South-Africa!

One tip I can give you: it’s not necessary to book comfort class when flying KLM. It was hardly more comfortable and highly more expensive. A bit of a waste if you ask me. Just tell the ground stewardess you are pregnant (if they cannot see it themselves) and you’ll probably get a front row to give you some extra leg space.

♥ Take it easy, and tell your fellow travellers when you need some rest
♥ Always bring something to snack with you. I took packets of nuts from home, so I had a little extra to refuel every day.
♥ As long as you are feeling good, keep on going! Take a step back when getting tired but don’t over analyse things. The flight has been tough, but if you give your belly some rest it will be fine.
♥ Don’t forget to take a lot of ‘bumpies’ – when you travel and relax your bump will grow quickly!

We traveled from Cape Town, to Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, Johannesburg and ended the route with an amazing safari at Marataba.

The temperature was quite high, which made our program in Cape Town a bit hectic for me; lot’s of climbing in the Bo Kaap and a lot of young entrepreneurs that we visited in the two days we were there. Lucky me we were going for a two night stay to Grootbos, where you can see and smell the ocean always and where relaxing is always part of the routine for the day. After a whole day discovering the Green Future projects, and planting a tree I took it easy with a nice facial in the spa. That’s when I discovered lying on my back for too long is not agreeing with me anymore (a common pregnancy thing) and had to ask the lady to set my chair straight before I was going to pass out. Oops!

Johannesburg once felt like a ‘leave quickly’ city but since I have met my husband who was living in Johannesburg when we started dating, I am loving the vibe. Simon introduced me to all the little areas and local markets, the shoppingmalls (gotta love the exchange rate) and spectacular hotels. Fairlawns is definitely worth staying at, the villa’s are magnificent!

And last but not least; a safari at Marataba. Since we traveled in the South African summer it had rained a lot and everything around us was greener than green. Hence the reason we did not see that elephant that was not more than 5 meters away, but we could hear and smell it! Staying at Marataba is amazing; the lodge is hidden between mountains and forest and as there are no other safari lodges around, you will experience a very exclusive safari. Just as it’s meant to be!

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