Packing Tips for a romantic getaway

Ask my husband. I cannot – I repeat – cannot travel light. Wherever we go, and whether its for a weekend or a two week holiday I manage to stuff as much in my bag as possible. Most of the times there are a lot of last minute impulses involved as well. So, how am I going to give you advice on what to pack? Well, I do always manage to have everything I need with me, I travel a lot and I get a lot of useful advice from friends.

  • Flying? Find out how much luggage you can take. This varies from 20 to 30 kilo per airline. With some airlines you will even need to pay an extra fee for any form of checked luggage. Very important to find out what you are dealing with before you start loading that suitcase!
  • Make a packing list, and start four weeks before you leave on holiday. Your packing list of course varies per destination. Are you going on a city trip, a beach holiday or a safari? You need to adjust your packing to the purpose of your holiday. No need bringing high heels on a safari, or a warm jacket for a beach holiday…. A lot of websites from safari and beach lodges offer a little packing list as a guidance. Very helpful. Also, check the climate and forecast. Sunny days but chilly evenings? Bring layers!
  • One of my fashionista friends told me to always make combinations with every item you pack. If you can’t combine it, why bring it. And while you are at it, try making a few combinations with one item. Mixing & matching is key with holiday fashion!
  • Roll, don’t fold. Or use travel organisers. My husband bought me some of
    these travel organisers. I fill one up with tops, one with skirts, one with dresses.  Somehow they don’t crinkle that much that quick and it’s more easy to find. Eagle Creek offers these organisers online.
  • Put some essential items in your hand luggage. I am not talking about perfume or shampoo cause you are not allowed to have big bottles of liquid in your hand luggage. No, I am talking about an extra set of underwear. A bikini (if you are going somewhere beachy) and a nice dress. Just imagine what you would miss the most the first days if your suitcase would go missing. And put these items in your hand luggage.

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