Arrival of Ella… and the first weeks

We were finally able to meet our little world traveler on the 18th of May – hence the lack of action on The Mini Travels, sorry! And where everyone thought I was going to have a baby boy (even I was convinced it was going to be a boy!), little Ella G arrived at 06:35 being a rockstar from the first second into this world.

And so it began…
I can remember saying to my husband ‘I can’t wait for the baby to be born and get our life back. Tired of waggling and not being able to enjoy a good piece of meat with a proper glass of wine!’. WHAT WAS I THINKING? The moment Ella arrived both our lives were turned upside down. Was I really thinking I was not gonna worry as soon as the little baby would be ‘out’? To have time for myself/ ourselves? This little bundle of joy keeps me busy like I couldn’t imagine. And where I was worrying about her movements when she was still chilling in my belly, I am now worrying about everything else. Is she eating enough? Where is that spot all of a sudden coming from? Is she growing too quickly? Why is she not sleeping?


Luckily we are blessed with a very happy and content baby, who feeds well and sleeps well. And at the moment summer is clearly on its way here in The Netherlands, so Ella and me are enjoying walking with our new Cybex pram, from little walks to the supermarket to long walks in the forest or city.  It’s still a process to figure out how much she wants to eat and when. We are trying to get her in a little bit of a routine (I have been reading the book ‘The New Contented Little Baby Book’ by Gina Ford) but also notice this little rockstar determines herself when and how often she wants to be fed. In that way, she is just like her mother; no food makes her very (h)angry!

We are 2,5 weeks in with this new addition to our family, have survived the move from Amsterdam to Roosendaal, building away in our new house in Breda and getting to know our daughter better and better. I must be honest, it was a rough couple of days in the beginning, with little sleep, trying to recover from quite a hectic birth and at the same time figuring out all the different cries this little one makes. But seeing her smile, and a thousand other expressions on her face when she looks at you makes everything so worth it!
I cannot wait for all the moments to come, being a parent to this little rascal who is so much a combination of both myself and my husband is truly the most amazing thing in the world!

Tips for the first weeks with your newborn

♥ You can read all the books in the world, get all the advice you can get. But once your baby is born, you will have to figure everything out from the beginning. We only started working with theories from books and friends once Ella was 2 weeks and once we kind of settled into our new roles as parents.
♥ We had our birth announcements sorted before the arrival of Ella already. All we had to do is send the designer whether we gave birth to a boy or girl and the weight, and off they went. Very convenient.
♥ Showing your newborn off to your friends and family is super fun. But make sure your partner is firm with visitors; send them home after 30 mins / 1 hour. You won’t be able to. And do not plan too many people at the same time. It will haunt you in the evenings, when your little one is unsettled and restless of all the different impressions he/she had during the day.
♥ Emotions are ok. Crying is ok. Being suuuuuper tired is ok. Grumpiness is ok. A continuous state of euphoria is ok. However and whatever you feel; it’s ok. Talk lots with your partner about this new life and how you are both experiencing it.
♥ There is some equipment that is super convenient to have handy;
For in the kitchen, we really benefit from a steam steriliser and a hanging rack for the bottles.
In the bathroom: we bought about three different baths for Ella. From a tub to a little seat only to discover a proper baby bath is the most convenient in the early days, when they still cannot sit by themselves.
♥ You will get so much stuff for your baby as presents from family and friends! Really no need to buy a lot of baby clothes (trust me- you’ll revert to the most comfortable suits anyway) but if there is one investment to make, buy a nice wrap for your baby. Ella and her Koeka blanket are inseparable – she sleeps in it, chills in it, sits in the car in it and we took her home from the hospital in it.
♥ Take time for yourself – as soon as  your little one sleeps! Make sure to eat healthy, sleep during the day (even just little power naps – but take your rest!), have a nice long shower (you can see and shave your legs again, give those beauties a proper treatment) and once you feel confident enough, leave your baby with your mother or partner and book yourself a hair treatment.


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