5 European Safari Destinations

Source: European Safari Company 

Romania: Wildlife tracking in the mountains

Romania European Safari

Imagine spending four nights in a tented camp, with dinners around the campfire and sleeping under the stars? During the day you track and trail wildlife; the European bison, wolves, lynx, wild boars and bears and many other species can be spotted. Read more

Portugal: Cycling through the Coa Valley


Abandoned by people and habituated by wildlife; Beira Alta is an amazing area to explore when you are a birder or wildlife fanatic. The route crosses two protected nature reserves with lots of photographic opportunities on the way. Read more

Croatia: Horse riding in the mountains


The Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is your home when you take on your horseback adventure through the picturesque mountains valleys and coastal landscapes of Velebit. You have the opportunity to see Europe’s most iconic wildlife including bear, wolf and Balkan chamois. Read more

Italy: Wolf tracking


Just outside Rome you can embark on a three day experience where you will discover the extraordinary social life of the wolf. You will enjoy beautiful hikes in the Abruzzo National Park following the paths of the pack of wolves. Read more 

Poland: White-tailed eagle spotting in the Oder Delta


Explore wildlife by boat and from the land. This is a true photographers dream; it is possible that the white-tailed eagle will hunt fish closer than fifty meters from the boat! Spend your afternoon in a mobile hide with a local skilled guide and be amazed by the diversity in wildlife passing. Read more



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