Baby-friendly munching places in Breda

You might think ‘Breda? That’s not Amsterdam!’. That is exactly what my husband thought when I told him I wanted to move to this friendly little city in the South of The Netherlands. And although Breda is no Amsterdam, it sure has it all (almost!). Many say the place has the city flair with the feeling of a small town. Couldn’t agree more.

And so we moved, to Breda, two months ago. Bye bye big city. Hello Brabant! Not only a completely new city to discover, our lifestyle changed quite severe as well; with the little Ella G addition to our family!

Breda is a ‘Bourgondische’ city. Which basically means that if you love good food and good wines, you’ve come to the right place here. Restaurants are popping up like mushrooms. The main market square (surrounding the cathedral) is home to many restaurants and bars and the perfect place to see and be seen. And although having a drink or meal out becomes a bit more challenging with a newborn, there are still many places you can give it a try. My favourites?

  1. Around the corner from our home is Coffeelicious. Not only do they sell good coffee, there is also plenty of space to put your pram and you don’t feel embarrassed when your baby starts performing. A perfect place to meet with friends, and enjoy a good strong flat white to make up for the sleepless nights.
    Coffeelicious is situated on the Ginnekenweg and serves from breakfast to late lunches.


    Coffeelicious serves – besides very good coffee – also the most delicious pancakes!

  2. Another gem on the Ginnekenweg is Colins. Recently opened, this New York style bar & restaurant adds some funky flair to the area. A great place to have lunch while the little one is sleeping in the pram – the staff is amazingly friendly and there is again plenty of space to position the pram in a quiet corner. If your mini is happily eating at the table, they offer the ‘robbers plate’ – basically a little plate and a fork so your mini can rob some of your food away. Love it!
    Colins is situated on the Ginnekenweg and the perfect place for a Sunday afternoon lunch or a dinner with friends. 
  3. Get some fresh air and stroll the beautiful area surrounding the Wolfslaar estate! There is a small animal farm here, and a picturesque cafe where you can grab a bite to eat or get a drink. The homemade ice creams are worth a try too!
    Het Tuinhuis van Charlotte can be found on the Wolfslaardreef and serves breakfast and lunch but is also the perfect spot for a nice drink in the sun or a cozy coffee inside.


    Got an organic ice-cream at the animal farm at Wolfslaar to cool me down while walking around with Ella!

  4. If you go to de Grote Markt, and conquer the cobblestones (Ella loves the bumps!), go to Floor Gastrobar. The big benches on the terrace are very inviting and (very important) there is enough space to put your pram here. The feeling is French, the cuisine is too. Yummie food combined with a nice selection of wines – a perfect place to spend the afternoon. And the view? If you like watching people while the cathedral of Breda is towering over you – you have come to the right place.
    Floor is open for lunch and dinner, but you can also enjoy a drink here. 
  5. Yes Yes and since we love the forest; of course the Mastbos cannot miss on this list. Did you know there is a ‘kabouterpad’? It’s a 1,5 km path through the forest indicated by little dwarfs that give your little one(s) assignments to do. What a fun way for kids to connect with nature! After the hike, its perfectly relaxing on the terrace or inside at De Boschwachter .  
    De Boschwachter is open daily from 09:00


    Kabouterpad in the Mastbos – so much discoveries for the little ones! Source:

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