Travel resets the soul, it gives you a new perspective on life or sometimes simply offers the escape you need from daily routine to recharge. You have probably been traveling together to places far away and closer by. Welcome to a new chapter in your life: travelling with your mini, or mini’s!

Did you know that instead of spending money on toys, it’s better to spend money on travel? Even though we are spending more and more money on ‘stuff’, we actually regard travel experiences as far more fulfilling. And for children, this is no different. They just value different aspects of that  travel. (source:


What this means for you is that you perhaps will have to change your pace and activities on your travels a little bit. In the first years,  you’ll probably find yourself going to baby-friendly places, where you don’t have to be embarrassed sitting with a crying baby at the table for dinner. But once they get a bit older, you want them to explore and experience different cultures and lifestyles. Embrace it, leave room for errors and try looking at destinations through the eyes of your child or children. With every mile you explore with them, you’ll give them priceless life lessons and unforgettable memories.

Where to go

When you are used to traveling wherever whenever, it can be quite an adjustment to have to take a little person into consideration. But, traveling with a +1 does not mean that you have to scratch those far away destinations from your list!

What to pack

Oef… packing. It can be a nightmare! Or are you one of those very organised persons who knows exactly how to pack and never travels with excessive luggage? Well, if you aren’t, there are fortunately enough tips and tricks to help you get ready for your journey.