Where to go

When you are used to traveling wherever whenever, it can be quite an adjustment to have to take a little person into consideration. But, traveling with a +1 does not mean that you have to scratch those far away destinations from your list! You will just have to adjust the pace a little bit, and maybe keep those hikes or fancy safari’s for a couple’s trip in a few year time. Destination and itinerary tips for traveling during pregnancy and traveling with kids can be found on this page. Oh, and when you do get that urge to escape, just the two of you, you can find some amazing short breaks here too!

The bump travels

Traveling during pregnancy (baby-moon!) does not have to be any different to your normal globetrotter habits.

Traveling with kids

Whether you want to stay close to home or want to travel to undiscovered places, traveling with kids is fun and creates unforgettable memories for all family members.